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The “Green labelling and Green financing” conference was organized by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the EU-Switch Asia financed new project “Switching on the Green Economy”, implemented by People in Need. More than 300 women working in SMEs and businesses gathered to discuss green labelling and financing – vital tools to realize sustainable production and consumption in Mongolia.

The Switching On the Green Economy project aims to support 1,500 agri-food and beverage MSMEs, 30 agri-food and beverage business associations (BA), and 750 retailers in adopting circular economy practices through a market-based eco-labelling system. Also, at the centre of the project, is supporting women-led SMEs who often lead the way when it comes to clean, safe, and environmentally friendly business practices.  “Research by UN Women, UN Environment, and many others show that empowered women are great entrepreneurs in areas like renewable energy and developing greener business models. When women are given skills and financial support, they are able to thrive. And, more often than not, if women succeed, they bring others with them,” said Axelle Nicaise, the EU Ambassador to Mongolia during her remarks to participants.

“Mongolia has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 22.7% over the next eight years. Yet, the Government of Mongolia recognizes that much work still needs to be done to achieve the ambitious targets in the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals” said Mr. B. Bat-Erdene, Minister of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia.

SUGGESTED QUOTE FROM TSERENDULAM: The Government of Mongolia, thanks to our partners like the European Union, is accelerating our green transition. This we cannot achieve alone. Working hand-in-hand with the private sector and communities, especially women leaders, is the key to building an inclusive green economy.

The “Green labelling and Green financing” conference is a critical learning opportunity for the Switching On the Green Economy project, funded by EU Switch Asia, as the women-led businesses are vital part to achieve the project goals, advance sustainable consumption and production and address climate change. “When it comes to tackling climate change and promoting sustainable consumption and production, we need to get the message out that women, like all of you here today, are key to shaping inclusive and sustainable development,” said Ambassador Nicaise.

Switching On the Green Economy Project is committed to finding sustainable solutions to address food security and climate change challenges – while also advancing gender equality.

About the project: The Switching On The Green Economy Project was designed, and is implemented, by People in Need (PIN) in the lead, together with Caritas Czech Republic INGO, the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association, and the Development Solutions NGO. In line with the country’s national strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 22.7% by 2030, this is the first SWITCH-Asia project in the Agri-Food and Beverage Sector to be implemented in Mongolia.

About Switch Asia: Launched in 2007, the SWITCH-Asia programme is the largest European Union-funded programme promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) supporting 24 countries in Asia and Central Asia. The overall objective of the programme is to promote sustainable and inclusive growth, contribute to the economic prosperity and poverty reduction in Asia and Central Asia and to a transition towards a low carbon, resource-efficient and circular economy. Learn more at: www.switch-asia.eu

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